Samavritti in balance

I am grateful for : this year of practicing life and learning. Serving myself at much as I can, in the bads and in the goods. Trying to think more clearly, a little more each time. Failing and getting back there. Trying new things and doing my best.

Grateful for ; each moment I felt everything was over and life got me back on track, for my own spiritual practice to grow and evolve with me. Doing my best to help others and surround them with love and compassion.

I am grateful for new opportunities, people who allowed me to keep learning and growing. People who hurt me to make me understand how to live and love my life to the fullest. I feel grateful for all the people I have met, and learnt to love.

I am grateful for the loving energies that surround me everyday. ✨

What are YOU grateful for ?

@ Essaouira, Morroco.

Ardha Chandrasana Variation – Half moon pose, foot in hand.

Camel Pose Variation – Ustrasana with leg front

Sitting Garudasana, with one leg up. / Hands in Eagle pose, Variation.

Outfit – Bra : Lolë / Leggings : Oysho


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