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About the life you choose.

I have heard so many times , « You are so lucky to travel this much », « I envy your spirit and your freedom. », « I love how you live but I couldn’t do it. », « You seem so happy. », « How can you live like this ? ». Ok guys, I am not tired of hearing this at all. Because it always reminds me how I have decided to live, and it doesn’t seem so special to me. Actually, it isn’t weird at all. I have been traveling all my life. Moving houses. Going from one job to another and one home to the next. It MAKES ME HAPPY. But it is not easy. Actually, nothing is when you follow what you vibrate for. But you know that. We all know that. Some vibrate for success and senerity. Some vibrate for sensations. We always choose. But choice is also to refuse. To shut down possibilities, to kill ideas, to kill fantasies, because choice is always tricky. And nothing comes easily. When you choose to live the life you want (or the life feel you need to live, when you are like me, a believer in something more), it’s always about choice. So no, I decided to travel and move around, so I am not a mum yet, I don’t have a house and a loan on it, I don’t have a job that is sure tomorrow. That is MY choice. And my life. And it always comes with compromise. Just make sure the choices you make fulfill you, and when you have decided, stick with it. Be sure. Don’t regret. Life is too short to DO ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING.

You will always have to choose.


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