Should we all attend a Yoga Teacher Training ?

Who should attend a yoga teacher training ? In my opinion : everyone ! Now it is so easy to enroll for a YTT, whether you are a young teacher, been teaching for a few years, or for a few months, thinking about teaching, practicing for years or for a few months, getting into the practice of yoga with a teacher training can be interesting in any ways. Now, yoga is expanding so much we are all practicing yoga or about to practice. Taking classes around in different studios, learning with different teachers and different approaches, you could be interested in getting totally drawn by learning more. I recommend not only teacher training for those who want to be teachers ( It seems that the number of yoga teachers is booming ! ) Will there be enough students for all these new teachers ? Who is gonna be the teacher of Who ? Everybody should do a yoga teacher training but not necessarily to become a teacher. Some will some won’t , some will do it for a while, some will stop. Some will start years later, or will just teach it for their friends and family, will share it to a closer circle, not promoting it or making it a job. Some will start years later to teach, with other trainings. Some will only use these new skills for them, for their personal journey. SO YES ! If you are thrilled, do it. Try it. It’s only a roll of 200hours in life, decide to go further or not. What makes a good teacher is not the number of hours, is how you gonna decide to use those hours to make them count, and practice with your own self after that. Being a good teacher is teaching what you have. Using tools you have learnt. There is no RIGHT or WRONG. We evolve, yoga has evolved. We teach what we are, with integrity. Or we decide not to teach and keep it as this tool for ourselves or others. Keep in mind than teaching and practicing are not necessarily the same. You can love your practice and hate to teach. Ask yourself the right questions first.

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